Filters are porous structures that prevent the passing of dust and dirt particles in mediums that pass air and liquid.

Because of its high heat resistance, PET-based non-woven fabrics are preferred in areas such as commercial, industrial, and housing. Gas filters, dust collecting filters, and panel filters are some of the most common areas of usage. Our product that specially designed for air filtration offers high air permeability, high durability, and efficiency.

It is commonly used in the automotive sector for cabin filtration.

Due to its anti-bacterial feature, it is resistant to fungus and growth of mold.


Oil filters, that are consisted of 100% synthetic fibers, are resistant to heat and erosion. It is mostly preferred in the production of hydraulic oil filters.


All of our products are eco-friendly as our fundamental philosophy. Filter group products do not contain heavy metals, hydrogen, and fiberglass contaminations.

Main fields of usage:

  • Gas tribune filters
  • Panel filters
  • Automotive cabin air filters
  • Oil and liquid filters
  • Liquid filtration
  • Hydraulic oil filters
  • Heating and ventilation filters
  • Technic and analytic filters
  • Cooler and lubrication filters
  • Dust collecting filters