Commitment to Ethical Values

Our voice of conscience is important to us. Fairness, rightness, accountability, and transparency are some of our inevitable criterions in our working life and relationships with our customers.

Respect for Human

Human, the primary element of life, is valuable to us. Our respect for human starts with our self-respect. We love and respect humans for being human. We know and respect that everybody has an idea, consideration, and lifestyle. Diversity is our richness.

The Idea of Us

We know that we are a big team as PETSA. We believe in equality in opportunity and promise not to discriminate against anyone. We support each other through thick and thin.

Continuous Development (Innovativeness)

We know that continuous development is possible with being open to change and can make us different. We believe that we must continuously enhance and improve our business in the way of achieving perfection and we work accordingly.